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i work at #Clic2000, a small co-op established in France, we are somewhat impacted by the coronavirus/lockdowns and hope we'll be able to survive this

if you're in need of digital services or your company is looking for a reliable provider please write us!

we offer a wide range of tailored services to match your needs, there isn't shiny stuff on top of it: it just works and you pay the right price for it

here is some stuff we do:
- audit and counsel on your existing infrastructure
- give learning lessons on many technical topics (from beginners to advanced)
- develop, deploy & maintain your website (personal, company's, e-commerce...)
- host your #Nextcloud instance
- host #fediverse software (#Mastodon and his forks, #PixelFed, #PeerTube, #Plume...)
- provide email+contacts+agendas accounts with #SOGo
- host instant messaging #Mattermost instance
- ... anything else you need

check out our website: and don't hesitate to boost this message

thanks! 🙏🏻

ethical finance is a curious term imho.

Seems to assume that exchanges based of values (numbers) rather than qualities
can be made in ways that benefits all concerned.

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gender seems to place a fair bit of un discussed..
if one talks of an object as a female, there are certain masculine/feminine assumptions that come silently.

However, a female may not always follow with feminine - and vice versa..

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..also we may tend to presume an english with And
between words..
Any reason not to place at the end..? ;)

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The Un Discussed is a normality.
Like the rules and conventionsfrom current english that seem to be agreed upon.

Thy rules and our thoughts as a socio-cultural unit as individuals, as socio-geo-political units, and.

Before shooting me for the line above - please consider what it attempts to illustrate ;)

eg - thy (archaic)
Gender Units may seem odd to some, however consider meeting new people and how common it is to be asked Where from? ..and then get assumptions galore about the From..

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