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seems to be full of elegance adorned people.

Its kind of a dark joy to watch that flowing elegance while a sense of sublime, like a swell, fails to stop -
being and feeling good about your looks has no visual formula.

One might dress up like i despise - yet look fab
since they feel relaxed with themselves.

One might look clean and elegant yet tensed up since something feels - for them - uncomfortable.

I think that through (tm)'s own actions?

When claims the right to do something since the USA is rather militarily strong, which he seems to like doing -
he is claiming the right to do stuff based on might rather than intelligence.
Moreover, doing stuff by might/power is more limited than by intelligence since it costs more to keep power than maintaining consents.

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how may we voice that (tm) AKA who likes to claim being of some kind of considerable intelligence - isn't such, and assert that voice without playing the brutalisation game of imposing an identity and traits another?

I wonder how come the story doesn't mention that Dorothy's mom, whether one agrees with them or not, seems to be acting violently rather than educationally?

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while the research doesnt talk of economics specifically nor about "equality"
i think it might be fruitful to check economy of inequality in terms of exclusion rather than equality.

Equality is a quality that people feel in various individual ways. Where as exclusion is a more tangible quality to share that, in a sense, is an aesthetic of inequalities.

I'd like to have my own home - but prices V salary ratio means no-way.

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currently it seems that my operating def of life is something like:

an if that has a ?

some say life is some kind of a flow.
Living flows like water in a river.
D n G in 1000 plateaus were talking of trajectories..

Living beings and systems seem to emerge, rise like a tide and flow.

However, it seems to me, that since life is connected with collapses when propageted and evolves - eg organisms split orders, mesh orders. former patterns collapse into new ones.

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