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what do stories wish ?
it occurs to me in many ways that beyond knowledge, being and transcendence; past objects, things, and concepts; pre conceptions, perceptions, categories and judgements -
it seems to me
we have to connect with
narratives come stories.

a slap from a human within a narrative of an enemy, will never feel - as the song goes - like a kiss.
an ultraviolent act comes as an action that violates you while atte

how far can algorithms twisted bias can be taken without a turn ?
All algorithms come twisted (aka embedded, or perhaps even embodied) with some kind of a bias.
an algorithm to detect intervals between stuff, comes as some kind of a connection making life that's being made to come oriented around Intervals. What may seem as Intervals, in itself, will have one bias or another. ie,

a case against ReCogNition(Ism) ?
OK.. Please bare with me here.. Are they saying we should not Re-cognise stuff?
Not exactly.
Let's say it like this:
Suppose i said that i was a melode. No one knows what's melode, however, i say that i am some kind of a Melode. It sounds like a word in english, we speak english, it can work. (let's go meloding, I have been meloded, we are all melodes - and so on. Perhaps according to s

they talk of rewards points as currency.
nothing to do with crypto, yet seems to be into mixing tokens as currency as points as coins as tokens, just for fun.

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approximate psychology as inherently Artificial – an AP ?
A few links to do with artificial psychology.. It seems a bit of a loaded term in terms a naive categorisation of Artificiality as Anything MadeUp. A mystification of Human-made-up stuff?

auto, solo, narci, or Anarche Gamy ?
Noticed posts to do with a recent Sologamy wedding.

Yes, it seems WTF when the posts underline an Indian + sex + gender ID placed on the person..
It doesn't come comfortable, however the links come in reference to thoughts rather as a platformisation - i hope.. (open for ideas on that one..)

love forever and ever’s never ending space?
Humans fancy a love that focuses on the spirit, the soul, the personality of whoever they fall inlove-with.
A love that's not based on merely physical appearance.
what do we do when the Person we came to love - is.not.there?

It's a curious one, imho.
Say, you love your child/parent - pick your poison.
Now, say you discover your parent was a murderer -

metabolism, incentives, cycles, areas, spirals and NoeNo3 ?
Noticed something called "vicious cycle". Has to do with cognitive behavioural therapy.

The cycle has a flat theory of causes:
Thoughts Emotions Physical-Symptoms Behaviours
One can begin with any point of the cycle, and go anywhere else they feel works for them - and it's cool in terms of the theory.

Feeling-Cold (physical sympt

homo narcissus ?
Yesterday, there was this chat in brighton about lasch with a bit of a bend into his take on narcissism.

Kinda reminded me of an old search engine i was involved with - search Narcissus.

Here are links to do with "homo narcissus" -

stealing theatre ?
There's a post about middle aged women in the UK feeling an Urge to steal - nick - stuff from shops.

What's curious for me, comes after the * at the very bottom end.
There's a statement about the whole writing About feeling the Urge - so that the writer will Not follow through.

Let's make a bit of a jump here?

Where the writing comes as a form of Doing so that what the subject written about need not be Fel

bent spiritsz ?
there's a certain current to do with

This isn't entirely Spirit in the way of connecting all sorts into a new kind of life - like a spirit of a nation, however a spirit of a nation, or a notion, can Haunt.
The spirit of an enslaving nation haunts britain - great and otherwise. The notion of national spirits haunts, imho, anyone who touches it - since the very notion requires administering constant

an unchained blockchain rebel ? an easy way – not running away.
Just had a message that acknowledged a lack of certain messaging
Reciprocity of numbers.
(eg, my line numbers are not as many as yours)

Please bare the sentiment in mind while we swiftly move to point something re Blockchains?

When using an algorithm that tracks your every move as a chained creep waiting to find you out a

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