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exo ex with a beat??
it seems curious how, in terms of money, we get an active illustration of what marshal macluhan was on when they commented that humans tend to move forwards while looking at the rear-view mirror.
humans had this Thing about forward and backward looking for fairly some time, the myths of epimetheus and promotheus come from the same spectrum as macluhans' observation.

in terms of money, we get stuff like the "p

formations and ways and?
We have this process of automating informal formations from data - aka information technologies.
In some ways, we can consider info-techs as giving formal manifestations for stuff that was informal. These manifestations show themselves in various ways - from the increasing ease of sharing stuff from private spheres, bank accounts, selfies, streaming from home, texts about whatever-comes-to-mind, and so

bias bend -strophe fluctism
the thinking here has to do with qualities of, between and infinities through sensations of fluctism -strophe bend bias.

these sensations come in a certain spectrum - aka an infinity - however each offers a variant aspect. Each can come as a part, a piece of and from, sensations that no matter how we turn, that very turn produces it's of vibrations, own fluctuations that make their own biases,

this post needs to be stolen
Someone's reading "The book thief" next to me in a cafe.
Did you nick the book?

How would it come if there's a book that Can not Come unless Stolen?

Does it have to come beyond the imagination of a book can be read ONLY after a reader becomes their Thief?

Perhaps the imagination itself is misleading here because it presumes - talks about - an action Beyond the imagined. Some act that f

governments don’t act?
Riffing off from:

Yes.. Sure.. Climate is a bit WTF!!?!?!?!?! - however, it's curious how most climate actions thinks - despite all evidence as the linked text shows - that governments will act in a particular manner. Then, when they don't, instead of changing course, human

gap language distance – a few thoughts
They want me to do an image.
The image will be a qr code for a website.
The website content will be the language from and of gaps and distances developed through the covid period.
The image will be part of a show of works to do with covid period.
It seems the distances-gaps language could come smooth since the show will be in brazil, and i seem to think that these changes

a clarification for today?

humans *tend* consider Love
as full of Meanings.
However there's a problem with that in a meaning-escaping cosmos.
a way past the kneejerk nihil reaction, can come via considering love as a meaningless cosmos made by an infinite reflexive seeking *tend*(ernesses)?

curious how the dada name became a quintessential art def.
their way of defining art comes curious imho as well.
it's a mix of the ai themselves, plus the Kantian beauty taken as art via "in my opinion it's art, hence it's art" approach directed at images produced.
yet, they had to use "reflection" term.
i think it's definitely art based on laws of violence. i have power to force an opinion therefore it is. perhaps an approach befitting our violence based culture??

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