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i think that, in a way, all these texts we feed databases with - like this one; texts that hardly anyone will read, and when read - only shortly.
i think, like the dead lover in the link, our posts will end up bots-after-death..

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even to view the content they want people to download google apps

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any idea if there are AR-Code displays and generators that are NOT commercial??

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ghoul squad


Hot damn! and Lucy Suchman reviewing the new book on artificial intelligence by the ghoul squad of Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher is the exact review that we all need. And the only kind this book deserves.


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all that's needed now is an developer or two ;)

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an of the kind that isn't capable of being sold - yet is for sale.
and of a self-generating - ie each sale makes more, and offers the question of supply/demand when each demand brings more supply..

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