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Watch "how i SELF PUBLISHED my POETRY book | YOU CAN TOO!" on YouTube

Watch "how i SELF PUBLISHED my POETRY book | YOU CAN TOO!" on YouTube

From Georges Bataille or William Burroughs to Electronic Arts and Catherine Christer Hennix...

The psychanalyst, Franck Ancel, invite you for a free meeting in english, on real time, from Australia with Tim Themi to Canada with Marcus Boon and from US with David Schwarz to Sweden with Vanessa Sinclair, by Paris with Nicolas Ballet to four continents "online" with Jacques Lacan and the arts.

Saturday 9th october 2pm Paris time Zoom link

Whichever the decision will be, i think it will be Self Justifying as a condition. ie
the condition of networking will justify itself be Yes, Later or No.

ie both cheezu and frequency will gain something by networking now, later or never.

Both terms are to do with sharing themselves as well as whatever they may mean and signify. Despite the fact they are from different languages and seemingly unrelated etymologies too.

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a sentence as a mini - possibly scalable - network?

Say you are a word.

The word: Frequency.

As frequency - would you be able to live by yourself?

Here's another word:

Do you network with that word, not, or not for now?

I suspect that in case we want a network that exits centralization the exchange we will find is that of qualities rather than values.

Qualities that justifies themselves, like liquid...

and therefore may require techne rather than techno? (or is this an ideological ask..?)

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