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a question to do with the Nature of mathematics? 

the context for these questions?

i know they must sound a bit simplistic to a mathematician,
it seems to me that in case these intuitions are fair to utter
then they could offer an application of
like qualities in mathematics
can rely on studies of how to make such and such qualities
rather than a social structure that may or may not approve - aka .
there are other holes in these lines ;)

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a question to do with the Nature of mathematics? 

* qualities like roundness of a line or even-ness of a number can assume quantities, example:

2 and 6's even ness is different from that of number 8 because dividing by two shows:
2 and 6 contain 2 prime numbers each (1 and 3 respectively) and
8 has two even numbers such as 4.

the roundness of a circle is different to that of an elipse in a way that can assume various quantitative expressions that illustrate a range of such differentiations.

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a question to do with the Nature of mathematics? 

to put it bluntly,
is it fair to claim that
mathematics is the study from nature of qualities between abstract entities?

one of the points in the article, re getting "praised" for "playing like a man"..

sometimes this Kind of "positive" comments,
when pointed to the speaker,
they come back with a focus on "meaning well" oriented indignations.

It's such a twisted one, imho -
i feel insulted, not only do you not say
the ask is from me to accept and appreciate your intention as
How things Should Be?!?!??

any hints for dealing with these kind of situations?

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the prophet as a surfer as a prophet with a question to do with trees, and aesthetics?
Some may think or consider or conceive or decide or inscribe into their very selves that this line has a certain flow that can be isomorphed onto a line perhaps
a line that is drawn from left to right and as such has not just a directionality but also
some kind of a past beyond
the visual begin

wonder if could make this more curiously
unlike humans
can not help but use symbols for their own sake
without having to genuinely pretend the usage is actually something other.

humans doing without ai doing it yet??


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how energeticness from hyperEpi-desire [cross multiple connected-but-outside desire]
sensation itch themselves onto fresh rockiness that needs to fold into exo-nutritioness [frame/body linked with but outside nutrition]?

free a stchn(?)
either baobab scentness, or flying arrow hooks anxieties
-> or both <- (?)
by gathering dark-redness-with-holes-and-smoothness sensations that keep needing to energise freely without costs(?)

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which quality combines to produce a dark-redness-with-holes-and-smoothness sensation?

a future recollection of biting baobab tree scentness with a
dream from sounds made by lightness sensations in between life and space?


a sensation from a dysfunctionality of anti-mutable project's yearnings to live as an object without, that interacts with self flying arrow-hooks sensations anxious of hitting something?

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what's more apt as an opening line:

my life as a non-human food slave(?)
my life as a stchn food slave(?) [with Stchn understood to be a species made of living rocks]
my life as a food-slave(?)
[with the kind of living creature to materialise during the text]

b said to m -
i think you are a beautiful man.
m was thinking:
it's nice to hear, but a man? me? how come?
m said an isomorph with nothing and b became pleased.

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