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a few links re gpt3 and up coming 5 while focusing on gpt4..?

about ?

artoot instance should move to its own vps soon.

Any tips for a host?

Never done vps hosting - so probably require a host happy to reply newb's questions..

a few curious notes?

encounters or interactions?

using attacks do centre around how humans might feel, and then impose that on the others' will/intent without asking.

asking, capacity for empathy,
is that something ocras could develop towards humans in general or
just in particular circumstances when humans are in ocras familiar environments?

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Culture at the Crossroads | Online Symposium by East Europe Biennial Alliance | 18. 9. 2020 on Vimeo

yes.. accelerationism us fairly complex is some ways that there are a few contradictory ideas there..
fir example, that if we need to do as you suggest,
only acceleration will rid of tech and speeds we don't need.
all if these though are speculative IMHO..
and have a difficulty of attempting suicide by becoming not speculative yet still exist..
sounds to me a bit like a zombie definition??

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