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considering beginnings?

attempting to type text to do with beginning.

hence had a checking into various other beginnings..
like the bible?

in English it goes
at THE beginning..
if it was
at A beginning?

seems kinda curious that formally, the text in arabic or supposed
hebrew origins - don't actually contain The..
While the THE is implied - one may read the text grammatically correct as
at a beginning x did y z..

a cafe.
2 women and a child entre.
they seemed a bit new to the area, possibly new comers, and spoke arabic.
One asks for a brew.
Then, in a harry, goes to the toilet.

they came in - just to use toilet.
thought it may require buying a drink.
I wasn't sure of myself to find a not offensive way to let them know it can be done differently in ..


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another things i missed yesterday was a way to help save someone money..

next post should give an idea of what happened.
In case anyone has a clue how one may learn/improve/alter for a next time:
i am EarEyes ;)

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i think this is a fab example of and how is works, currently, only for the aristocratic band rich few .

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in terms of the witness comes as an audience, a context, and a killer.
the inner connection between all involved. all etngled by

from the so called
as a witness to
a scene, idea, context, etc.
the so called curator and
who witness some such they whack about as
and the so called
audience and market?

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from old english - of knowledge. (bares knowledge, has wit. ..and wit comes as knowledge)

..also used as a translation from a greek - martyr..

Even during the pandemic, catcalling goes on. I refuse to be treated as an object | Mary Morgan | Opinion | The Guardian

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