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another, perhaps neater way is to claim the
frict as an addition?

coffeeIct (or coffeect)

this coffeect jiv floral?
moonict jiv earth escapee?

compare with a capturing grammar?

this coffee, it is floral
this moon, it has escaped from earth

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nuclear fusion.. could both solve and under capitalism - create debts galore..

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Frict Jiv the Moon?

or perhaps

Jiv Frict the moon? ( so the life bit frames the friction?)

or better to give a more fluid way?

moon frict jiv the?

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since the non priori has to do with Grammar
aka lingo magic
it could fall interesting
to use Non-Priori-Ation

the indication that we consider
free of
epistemological (knowledge)
ontological (being)
as a friction aesthetics.

For example,
instead of saying
It's the Moon. (indicating the moon is both an It and in relation to gender - has no gender.)

We can say:

Frict (we are Frictioning)
Jiv (as a form of life and living indication)
the moon.

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The non priori has frictions
rather than
cause and effect,

The non-priori lives from and within the imagined?

My suspicion is the Non
might be the wrong - misleading - term here.


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However, can we not say that we also have


The frictions that come regardless of knowledge.


Moonrise. (Moons don't rise, but in some languages.)

Some languages, stuff like numbers and moons - have gender despite the fact we know these things have nothing to do with sex and sexuality linked stuff.

Indeed - the english non gendered moon is part of the imagination around genderisation.
Moons have to do with gender as rainbows have to do with an wedding.

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we have
apriori - pre-experience Knowledge such as no need to experience all instances of 1+1=2

posteriori - knowledge that requires experience and evidence. Earth has 1 visible and another Invisible moon, 2 moons theory will need evidence to come as a knowledge.

Going to take a break and resume listening tomorrow. Too many ideas to process. The link is in this thread if you want to listen.

sometimes it seems that to do hope - one has to practice hopelessness?

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