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However, there are also a-discussed and
Things one Chooses not to air (a-discussed).
Stuff that is palpable yet isn't settled into some discourse. eg the term Anthropocene is a discourse from various stands that, prior to the term's conception - were non discussed together as a unit, yet were palpable.

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notes in connections with the


That which is presumed within a culture.

Zizek calls this an Ideology.

HC Andersson may have called it the
Emperor's new clothes.

imagination and it's realities?

17 cars were inherited by 3 kids. The will gave one half, a 2nd got 1/3rd and the 3rd a 1/9th.

With 17 it's hard to figure since half 17 is 8.5 and cars don't divide well.

However, suppose there Were 18?
Now we get:
half is 9
1/3rd is 6
1/9th is 2
these come to 17 -
and the Supposed Extra car
can be disposed of.

the role of questions?

check these questions:
* J's parents have 4 kids:
May, June, July and who is the 4th?

* N has 4 kids: May, June, July and What is the 4th.
(no ? mark implies What.)

It's interesting because of the Entrainment. The impulse is to utter August -
a rhythmical thing..

However.. The reality is a different kind of beat..?

humans tell each other they "make money".
A sallary, for example, may be takemn as: I make x pennies a months.

What is curious is that except, things like banks (with interest rates) -
no one Makes money more than A fishing person
makes Fish.

ie its simply a question of how many pennies one can gather into their hook/net..

this is really about media - algorithms as Indifferent to that which they have not been tuned for..

i think sports is a visceral way to pimp the notion since people may have an intuition already?

curious how suddenly celebrity culture - based on peoples talent fetish, now becomes deadly since fetished talents rarely go with clear and relevant insights, let alone intelligence or relevance beyond opinions?

they say that fancies wining more than he may like other people's affections.

However, what seems self contradictory here is:

* in a democracy, when one is liked - they supposed to get more votes?

* why and how getting people to Work (go to do Jobs),
while risking their lives
is a Vote winner???

How come people may vote for people like and trump after they have demonstrated such careless disregard to human lives??

What am i missing?!??!

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