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a repetitive Y could be:
eating daily.
writing hourly.
thinking constantly.
it seems that only via aesthetic break - a simply pause, stoppage, interval-placement of some kind, is it possible to:
get out of a habit and
find out that which is outside.
then, perhaps, a genuine choice opens.

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a note to self -
(is that a kind of selfie?)

to change something while being clueless as to How, What, Why etc. -
to have a genuine choice like:
do i want
a, z, x or 0.3?
one should cause a break in the algorithm,
the repetition that encapsulates that which is
in question.

there's a help group..

For people like me, who are nOt on -
any one knows how we may get involved?

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COVID-19, UK resources 

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⚠️Writer Beware ⚠️

Romance writers please be aware of Dreamspinner Press who you may see advertising or soliciting you for submissions. Dreamspinner Press currently owes thousands in royalties to their varied writers and has been stringing them along for months now.

Do not do business with Dreamspinner Press.

and how it is being perceived from minds?

hopefully a reminder this viral event may turn out very ugly in multiple manners and ways.

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