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or.. err..

the ability to Negate by one's own spontaneity?

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however, ofcourse
why focus on intelligence?
why not.. errr, sentience? or discuss-ability? or indeed negotiability?

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a note to landian leaning kinda people:
it took a whistle-blower who risked their social and
well being to alert people.

Meritocratic - like all authoritarian systems - find it harder to accept exceptions to the rule, since rules are mistaken to laws. (ie not negotiable by evolving discursive means)

indeed, i think, if nrx is a future - more of coronavirus type times are part of the deal.

indeed.. hummm.. might be interesting to check
(rather than no-intelligence..)
the intelligence of the

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how about
indifferent intelligence?
by claiming that intelligence is indeed indifferent - just spontaneously alive, we may still do any fancied categorisation.
from material through to cognitive and interstellar intelligences.
the focus is on the spontaneity and intelligence rather than human, post, non, or otherwise.

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what is the difficulty
in my view
human focus.

Black Waters: the dance exposing Britain's colonial horror

Phoenix Dance Theatre’s show looks back to the Zong slave ship massacre and the Kālā Pānī prison torture. Three choreographers explain how they created it together

Checking Substance of Words, various algorithms can not but think of it as the meaning/etymology and so on of the word

Substance of Language
Well.. That is taken as grammar, syntax, semantics and such.. Though there's the option that indeed these are the substances of language..? ;)

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someone is asking:
How do you know that Meanings have a life?
Perhaps since they seem metabolic -
have processes that seem to support one another, and
have something that escapes and fails to both mean and refer to it's own meaning set?

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Some people are interested in the Meaning Of Life
Life -what does It mean?
Life - what does it mean to me the individual/society/culture and such?
For me, since yet to notice life fancies meaning one way or another
It seems perhaps interesting to consider the
of Meanings?

How do meanings Live? How do they evolve, connect, develop, share, die, have siblings, have frictions with stuff like non-meanings and no-meanings, how do they ignore and..

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Seems, from an initial look to consider materiality of words as stuff like how they might appear to humans. eg, print, projections, screens, etc..

Perhaps interesting to note that there seems to Not have an interest in that context with How words come for Non-Human. eg, as biuary strings for digital devices. Yet the premise of the research is the contemporary life of Humans with digital techs?

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checking stuff to do with words as materials.

The term Material is uncomfortable - a gendered imagination to do with Mother. In fact what we are talking about is the substance.
The kind of stuff that words are, from which, if/when one attempts to reduce from -
we get some such that may not be nor live or known as Words?

Say H2O, say Water - not the same but irreducible from one another.

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