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it seems more interesting to desire
the interval between a personal narrative and a catastrophic blueness..

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Perhaps the difficulty is with licking..
How about a desire to sense the licking of itchiness into a catastrophic scratchiness?

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A desire to lick itchiness into a catastrophic (check catastrophe topological qualities?) scratchiness?

Hummm.. still not so much There.. is it?
The pointing towards physical rather than imaginal sensation..
Though the Ness mitigates that physicality.. Somehow something seems missing?

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ok.. so here's an idea of a KoanIc kind of desire:
A desire to lick a sound from an absolute silence.
(which kind of demonstrates, i think, the problem with using koans in any discursive rather than a violent manner?)

However, how about a desire to lick a rectangle into a circle?

(It seems the licking is glued violently over the squarecircle object..)

Yet.. it seems to have more of an interesting possibilities imho..

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suggestions of desire:

2 fingers, nearly touching one another?
may feels strange as 2 bits from one's own body sense a desire for one another.

How about a tongue desiring to Lick the Bone of one's own toe?
They may:
Lick the flesh around the a toe bone and experience the desire. (since the bone is safe under the flesh)
they may also cut the flesh forcing the bone out and lick it.
(hence, again, killing the desire)

feeling slightly uncomfortable
regarding the following
it is there..

What is there?
Look around Garcia, Meinong and Frege.

Things like .

Some people consider these as koans.
As them sounds of 's one hand clapping, and such.

stuff like squarecircles
seem to be of a different world.
A rich and deep world rather than a
seeming functional zen kind.

Since square circles are not said to live
language and imagination.
Nor Need to.

..and yet.. on an anecdotal note, hungary (budapset) feels safe not so much for me.

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nick land and other NRX people flash anecdotal "facts" re authoritarian regimes.
One of them is Safety.
In china you'd feel safe.

With the above in mind, it might be curious to note that according to

the safest states are, one way or another democratic, by enlarge. (singapor, malaysia and possibly hungary are the exceptions rather than rules in the top 20.)

a note re .

Is it curious that traditionally, International Relations are thought of as
despite the fact we evidently Have international relations
with a history to boot

people tend to think/be-told
that humans don't have much of a history of Operating developments?

is this a melancholic call?
a saudade?
a call to accept being sad?
a call to accept one's mortal lot in life?
a Just-Do-It and shut up kind of operation without the nike gloss?

Non of the above. I think it's clear since the distinctions made how the notion feels.

Perhaps though, i am wrong.
Open to hear more about the wrongness

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some say that the body has it's own language.
I say
as long as its hard to forget one's brain on a table, or in some long forgotten bag -
the lingo a brain comes with is the bodies'.
Sure. bits of the body may sound differently - yet they are, that body that seems to be associated with

between being a living -
some say the want to be
in life?
When i hear that
the body goes:
sure, you may be all these
will you live?

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