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try, attempt and performance?

to try - as in test, consider and investigate
to attempt - make an effort, use energy in such and such way/direction
May come to have performative lives when
attempting or trying is that
which is to be
achieved -
achievement of such and such effect or goal, is after-all the action of a certain quality state.
the quality-state of a certain character or a ritual.

Others are recognised -
ignored are
passed over - while failing to gain a consideration as having a life!

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However, through realising the
(aka universality)
it seems the of
I am sorry to say,

ethics imho.

Where as to let in , , , and so on -
it's own bog and
i think
there's a need
to learn something seemingly
oxymoronic and impossible -
connect with the

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a few months ago, i would have said that
the Other is ethical to recognise.
a general intro to Other

ok.. the say they rather fancy charging 3% from not English/brits buying properties in the .

Following the announcment,
what do you think happened tro the £ vs almost any currency?


Bojo pushing questionable claims utteredor dumb statements that should not be pondered more than the drunk rumbling in a pub toilet?

next time someone has a less than welcomed experience by media/police or some such -
the should interview them on prime time to allow their side of the story, yes?

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not the way i'd wish, however perhaps a useful example that academics
affect policies?

on the other hand..
zizek might argue..
labour's left agenda is, to make it capitalism
or even
data-authorianism as capital seems to become -

Perhaps, despite the cruelty, we need to get that bottomless bog
escaping into a radical

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