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Wroclaw central bus station.
Feels like it was made from robots to kin.
If oxygen is something you appreciate
The enclosed environment with bus engines running
Could help focusing on our connection with well oxygenated places..

the static image.. looks like a x between dali and guy fauks mask - simplified?

in other words,
the NON
seems instantly
like a rupture without something to undo?

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whuch brings me to the seemingly more interesting thought of
The catastrophe between breaking in invited or otherwise.

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however, we could, for example,
Organise such that I
will break
into your house.

Once organised -
is it a breaking?
What might break and how, hey?

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the thing with breaking - catastrophe? - is that when X
it's hard to tell how
what will fall out
of that breakage.
(aka , however, since that which seems to emerge is instantly in a process of breaking - it seems falling is a more accurate term?)

this ofcourse contrasts with the feeling of sex discrimination here.
Perhaps both need one another is some life loving way?

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one nice touch here in when it comes to toilets in cafes:

Free sanitary pads/towels/tampons

Perhaps i missed, but seemingly have not noticed such in many other places.
Here it seems a fairly often occasion.

while it might seem obvious that humans will rarely ask a question that is hard to understand from english grammatical rules -
it's still strange
for me
how else we may point clearly that
1. we know not whether X came from some Y.
2. in case X came from Y - x might well not have a meaning nor reason.
3. We notice X since it operates/moves in a way we may distinguish - hence let's begin where we begin? With how X moves? (rather an assumption X has a purpose..)

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one BIG thing i can not grasp about humans?

why is it people ask
What is this for?

Why not
How this and that X came from?

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