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and ?

according to lewes gordon, power can be said to be
the ability to do things/stuff.

one may come up with an idea to do something that seems relevant to them, perhaps the people they know - and they go on exercising a power to execute that which they fancy doing.

curious how quick the subject of dynamics morphs in constants and foundations - no?


step into same river twice?

with dynamics in in mind - is it not that a notion of Once is questionable?

mind.. according to the

how mistaken one might be to think that being diplomatic is to be fab in love-making?
"...skilled in negotiation or intercourse of any kind..."


there's a bit of a naive impetus here:

from the definition of wart as a failure of diplomacy.

however, there are some definitions that include violent means with diplomacy - i suspect with some sarcasm -
eg gunboat diplomacy..

imagine diplomatically?

how to imagine through, critically and with the frictions various pressures, gaps and rhythms made via wonderment -
in a way that comes smooth rather than violent/brutal means?

anyone does oriented ?

knows of..?

limits of certain is that art, , and such, together with diplomacy
gives The art of diplomacy - how "best" to do that which we currently concider to be -
rather than, for example,
consider how to imagine diplomatically.


consider a release, an escape, a folding
as a process of life?

Perhaps what is missing is my view here that

I am looking for gaps.

however, perhaps what should be highlighted are pressures that may require release, a break?


on one side they complain that gypsies, muslims, youNameIt - have too many kids.

on the other side, poorer people tend to have more kids than richer.
(an insurance question)
so that sounds like wedding bells for capitalists
we will need more poor people here?

..and the other side is that they claim to be on the side of life betterment for the majority.

what am i missing?

the idea places english in the englad/british state social context.
however, i wonder how it might be in other english speaking places

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