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I think it's interesting to note that like the film Arrival, the "messages", as such, in cosmicos - are the lingo itself

some , while talking crit re Spectacles - did concede that, err, their activities are rather spectacular.

However I wonder whether there's much research into the difference between

1 is both memorable And of some radical alteration ;)

Most things we might recall, seem to not alter nor change anything at all.

a note to do with and ?

suppose go . will it matter if all human cultures' will disappear along with humanity?

does it matter that, for example, is oblivious to cultures it continues to obliterate?

..and that which is obliterate - is ?
how can we obliterate stuff like: e=mcSq? around moster in 2 circles and a line - through non caressingly chilled air flows The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Here Be Dragons (Full Album)

unrecognised art in sarajevo? Show more Richard Wagner - Ernest Schelling Tristan und Isolde Ouverture - Risto-Matti Marin, piano

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sitting in 's .
3 humans chatting in front of me.

they all look .
each different from one another.
none looks like humans from publicly pumped-up looks.

I think they look beautiful since i have no idea what they say
beauty is just a sensation - no one is more or less beautiful when
they produce such sensations.

in fancy rubbing with questions from and ?


hats off for @sejla for the tip

in ? fancy going to ?
incredibly, the train option is both cheaper, quicker and cleaner option.
The flip?
Only 2 a day and the return is likely to leave you sensing the chill of waiting winds for a while.

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nonspecific artist/s?
Head image?
from - alchemy islands

Fancy joining?
Lets'run this instance democratically?
for example:
Have an idea that might affect us all?
Lets' talk about it on a matrix channel and then, if needed, put it for a vote on something like

How many have joined?
There are a fair few people and much more seemingly bots on this instance.
(*117 users at the time of writing)
Only one person, a human presumably, is active - however, since the instance is open, the idea of doing it democratically and linked with FeDI seems appropriate.

Indeed, perhaps when considering democracy with bots on instances -
should they not get to be part of the process?