@andybroomfield hummm.. lower than usual?

mind, is there no some kind of a helipad down wilson ave?

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Want to comment a post on @pixelfed that does not yet appear in #Mastodon?

Go to post page on PixelFed, copy the URL, and paste it in the search bar of Mastodon. Voilà !

Pro tip: it also works with #PeerTube videos

people might talk - argue even - over meanings from a book.
isn't that since humans read in fragments.
bits and pieces.

stuff becomes more and more coherent in my mind when provided in a non coherent way..

Tips for ending circular anecdotal "facts"? Eg I was to such and such place and therefore I know.. Show more

will be fairly human-ironic style if we endup getting some stuff done with
since they have figured out - overall, all risks calculated - it ain't gonna be a profit?


crazy and mad? Show more

how to evolve
between a heartbeat and a breath
when a remorselessly
non infinite able
from need and desire
or is it
in fact

Fancy changing the name from planet Earth to

and ?

Isn't earth slowly sinking for organic habitation?
The planet has hit the iceberg
and there are no
nor do we have a love story
for some future mechanical inhabitants to mis-identify with.

We do have that wants to force people to play the music, dance and eat to oblivion.

some say - if drowning was quicker, life will overcome faster actually.
I say
Power will not collapse but be enhanced quicker.

Attempting to deal with official stuff for the the last 3.30 hours.

a sublime operation that annoys the hell out of a humans mind through the sheer insisting necessity from arbitrariness?

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nonspecific artist/s?
Head image?
from - alchemy islands

Fancy joining?
Lets'run this instance democratically?
for example:
Have an idea that might affect us all?
Lets' talk about it on a matrix channel and then, if needed, put it for a vote on something like https://www.loomio.org/

How many have joined?
There are a fair few people and much more seemingly bots on this instance.
(*117 users at the time of writing)
Only one person, a human presumably, is active - however, since the instance is open, the idea of doing it democratically and linked with FeDI seems appropriate.

Indeed, perhaps when considering democracy with bots on instances -
should they not get to be part of the process?