"And my son said, ‘Mum, what do I do? I work for security, do I walk around and say no, I am not a p***, I’m a Sikh?’ I said ‘no son, you are a human being."


travelling, entropy and destroy 

they say culture is thicker than blood.
Perhaps its money that's thicker?

didn't know badiuo take the event as an interval - curious..

[a]n event is an interval rather than a term"

A revolutionary ?

Willkommen beim Kaffeekollektiv Aroma Zapatista eG!


@niconiconi has been evilish since it conceived that moto to no evil do - imho

perhjaps more correctly -
's irreducibility to knowledge

might also be connectable with contemporary and incompatibility?

hence also, in musil, it might be said that may not be used as - as guides for action.
ethics are indefinite.
is it not too fetched to take such indefinity into saying -
infinity? Linked? sub-set?

re musils
"The Man without Qualities"
wondering if this operates as a superhero ;)

i wonder..
these can not be replicated - not-algorithmathised
where as
seem to be only repeatable -
when x do y - aka

and distinction style?

“In accord with its prescriptive nature, morality is tied to experiences that can be replicated, [...] whereas the
truly ethical experience, such as love, introspection or humility, is, even where it is
of a social nature, something difficult to transmit, something quite personal and
almost antisocial”

is it possible to claim rigorously that ethics are simply
on top?

eg - we a re mires with chatter
at least one of the issues is
agency or
the lack of
by both
"remainers" and "leavers"?
viewed from different perspectives/understandings?

is it not the case that when Humans
fail to
alter their minds
about something
it is often
that the
discussion focuses
something Other
than the
issue that disturbs?

a range of polls show not much of a position change among uk voters -

again, is it not, the british empire imploding its violence on uk directly?

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