how to exit a pushing escape?
each term here escapes a friction
(ie written language fails to reflect or represent thoughts as much as words operate as reminders of stuff that can never come shared but offer a certain range made of approximations and sensations?)

each grammar lives as a push from a language
(ie the sequence in english may translate in other languages as english in sequence - and indeed may Mean, allude to a common

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Please join us reading the names of the 400+ enslaved people of the Weeping Time slave auction event March 2-3, 1859



(..and as the come-back for an exchane such as - "thanks!" / "its nothing"
in some parts of brazil goes, after the Nothing
the 1st person replies:
Imagine! )

Have a lovely time :)

how nothing change?

nothing change
amend nothing
nothing reform
frame nothing
nothing via
leave nothing
nothing by
breath nothing
nothing cure
subtitle nada
nada nono dada
alter -nothing
nothing- alt
alt-alt noTing
not-a-thing an
other- 何もない
nothing -inter
nothing -enter
exTer- nothing
dis-ferry null

yes indeed there are nothings in stuff like budhist sutras, their zen counterparts and since we are in south east asia, i-ching..

Since we are in a vicinity of beliefs, nothingnesses come into many thoughts that consider cosmos one way or another.

In the thinking section, perhaps we'd mention almost any philosopher - analytic or european -
thanks for noting that the text doesn't come across as having any connection with any of these - it's something to bare in mind indeed.

how nothing change?
nothing as a No Thing?
A n0 th1ng change thing5?
How to no but not null 7hings?
How null hasn'7 a no & has th1ng5?
When things and objects m337 4n 4nd?

How no0bject change?
n00bject as a nO Objec7?
While how to Object a not-0bjec7?
How a null like - hasn'7 4 no as an anti but an omission?
When a not - (no-object can't object to no0bject) has a thing?

How darling doesn't have a thing nor a null or an object but a di

migrants inner planetary?
Its hard to let go of a sensation that humans - the animals that think they are the only ones to mourn and grieve -
are in fact migrants in their own old host planet.
have in a way found a way to do an inner planetary migration, a removal from a planet that could host, to another that can not - all without even having to travel in between 2 well spaced planets.
humans have a chance, imho. A migrant,

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