at a cafe
cush bar; n

a slightly drunk, seemingly homeless, cold and in need old person walked in.
granted, they acted slightly rudely.
police people large in black and armed
arrived to take the poor
person away.

sure. we might not like the idea of sports-like supporting in -
however, when all that seems to matter in politics is to get hold of power, and much of chatter is of who may win/lose rather than how ideas and notions may evolve in our lives and cultures differently -
should one be ridiculed when perceptively they take the political process as a game
in which
they are asked to support X or Z?

people may riddicule the person - however,
think of sport teams supporters or individual players supporters (eg tennis) - just because X failed a bit, doesn't work to end the support. At times, the opposite.

they seem to have an open call for to take part via sending material to furnish some of the exhibited works' content..

noticed that spaces are imagined
rather than
or by

it seems perhaps there is a need to either define soft-fascism clearer
get a different new term that gets rid
since when the historical reference is slightly vague and speculative at best -
the severity of what is going on seems to slip away..

imho? (that no one really asks for)
The curious bit here is that
nothing in the info said and given here is anything either
new or
but.. yet
that common info and knowledge doesn't seem to
affect an alteration of
the situation..

..and lets not forget the bailed out banks
on the blood of dead homeless people,
rake more since,
as mortgages go - it's basically a way for banks to print money that will never need to be printed but happily exchanged.

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