a study-note in how to love without knowing?
love comes without love but how and knowing becomes owning

knowledge becomes ownership of that which has to escape knowledge

knowledge comes as a condition where love conditions come knowledge

knowledge comes as power that escapes a love force

power comes as an escaping force

meaning destroys

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Amazed out how many people responded to my "do not announce your intent to commit crimes" toot with variations of "even better, don't commit crimes at all!"

Look: not all laws are moral. The law can, AND FREQUENTLY HAS BEEN, used to oppress people. People who helped slaves escape to freedom were breaking the law. People who sheltered Jews and gays and Roma from Nazi genocide were breaking the law. Sometimes, there is nothing a moral person can do BUT break the law.

I'm not saying ALL laws are immoral. But if you cannot imagine ANY law ever being worth breaking, you either need to read some history, or you're comfortable living with oppression because you're confident it will only ever oppress other people.

And if it's the latter, I'm not particularly interested in your opinion.


a personal note feedbacking via docu15?
Routines tend to wash life away. Fluctuating artificiality comes, to me, preferable than repeating artificiality().
Places-spaces- splaces - like documenta, 15th edition or otherwise, are full of life for me. Just going around in the vicinity of the shows, exhibitions and activities, it feels like Anything can pop-up, all sorts of un-expected activities-come-events, can pr

some wrestle with inner demons. in my case, they have simply taken over and wrestle with themselves

was i wrong about ??
i was against brexit.
one of the so called reasons in mind for being against uk leaving the eu was a concern that such a move will result in an ever smaller state that shrinks public spaces, funds and support to bare tokenism.
according to this text - maybe i was wrong!
it claims, via supporting facts from city economists as well as boe, treasury and obr - (i am yet to find the so

naming heatwaves – a thoughtwave?
Seville has this pilot project to name heat-waves

Perhaps there's a thing in that project, that humans do respond with names. We could have any virus. There's a virus coming up to get you, seems pretty un-specific and vague as a warning.
However when it's not just any virus but the vookoox virus, suddenly we have something to chew on.

So, for example, instead of using the numbers

truth and and stable-instableness irreconcilability ? aka workshops that will never happen ;)
How life comes fearless of concepts?

A few lines from last night, post the truth and... workshop; where a few human traces bumped in a train stration waiting for a train that never came.
The waiting came fluctuating fast and breathlessly between promises of arrival, bo

Here comes power-power and forceY and forceX and an and with a violence to kiss.
PowerP is PowerP else PowerP is force
PowerP is PowerP through violence in power
else it is not
PowerP is thirsty-aspiration for a social and cultural friction - intentless exploited extentionally
PowerP is the crack in pavement that comes and appears unseen and unnoticed

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I am listening to the wind, the wind is the wildest improviser

metabolic (I)(co)In – or simply, a metabolic value economy?
We sit and have a coffee.

The coffee looks into your eye, your eye into your mind, and a mindful reflective fluctuating coffee sensation comes to life. A sensation made via coffee memories intermorphing with sensations from a body felt from the inside?

That's the kind of stuff we can not live without producing.
That kind of process i

“theory of heretic art”
Lets find theories that theories without any other content but their declaration?
Once declared,
they generate() a content that's simply fluctuating with the inital decleration. In case someone listens to the meaning,
"theory of heretic art"
rather than
"theory of genetic art"
the 2 declerations seem different.
However, they Operate very similarly in way of - a statement declares itsef into

on a train from koln to Kassel.
moved through some rough urban patches.
smells of bitterness smacking itself.
suddenly it hit!
immigration comes with hopes.
that's beyond values, qualities. the immigrant brings hope for the bitter smacker to help them get over the roughness that feels unending.

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