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aspects of and machine learning.

here's a tip:

dome has a really nice building.
Inside there's a nice looking .

Looking is the watch word here.

Check this:
"we don't let customers charge devices, unless the electric connection gets tested 1st"

I am like: WTF?? (ie spurting: is that a joke?)
..and they promise me that such a poliocy is everywhere.

Hummm.. yes.. it is a joke..

this reminds me of back to black song..
labour party's function as to keep capitalism, alive and kicking - nicely. (while tories do the nasty)

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..or perhaps there is no bridge..
perhaps the shift is required earlier in the sequence?
In the act of knowing?

not all knowledge itches..
Perhaps we require Itching? Itchage??

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perhaps catharsis is a mistake here..
Perhaps the basket is something like the following:
"I know what needs to be done, I know How, When, How, Why and all- however.. I don't do?"
Sounds familiar?
Knowledge through presentation, showing, representing - seems to come short of actions Outside of
the act of knowing?
There's a shift from knowing X as an activity
Doing X as a result of the knowing act.
Can that shift between have a bridge?

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the trouble with representation, presentation and shows?

yes. apologies for placing all 3 in the same basket. this may sound crass -
however, let's name the basket? Let's call it:
The effect of feeling positively released following a show, a presentation and representations.

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