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me n message? message carry to? message curry from? message hurry between? n message? message n err scawage n err ers? passage n err? message?… Continue reading https://itchy.5p.lt/n-en-na-non-errorners/

last night i was
like a
being asked to compel
to kill
a bit of me
to be
for the

of another
person's inconsiderate
of self

last night it became
clear why we

when i went to a they said:
show us an
and no one protested
nor thought the request was and
only me?

dreamt of ID law
now this fascism is accepted by a
molesting Kafkaesque
at entrances
of nights out

this is now *probably* a 1st


Done via in the comments. The translations alter the text ..

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po pow pow po err? en e en e ene ee ee ee? gee? gee? err ca pee tee u? you? u you? yo? yo… Continue reading https://itchy.5p.lt/po-e-sl-a-ca-pee-tee-u/
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Marzipan homespun Saucepan? Saucepan homespun Marzipan? Saucepan Marzipan homespun? oh me spun Saw c e pan Ma rzi pan? ho mess pun Saucy pan Marzi… Continue reading https://itchy.5p.lt/homespun-saucepan-marzipan/
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word s? s? drow? draw? row? wor? war? swore? sword? s word? word s? sword? swords? s word s ward? s word word ward? sword… Continue reading https://itchy.5p.lt/words-s-words/
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columbo columbos boss os? slaves slavery slav slaving enslave sex loon luna? columbia cumbia lone loony luna? capture cap aperture tour? loo low law la… Continue reading https://itchy.5p.lt/luna-mare-mar-loon-lone-cumbia-columbia/

youtube.com/watch?v=0HV3lcmbR9 Defining Phenomena: Propaganda, Power and the Black Panther Party

a question -
is there a way to do quick, rough and cheerful translations for toots?

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