Fell off the skateboard down a bridge, hit my face and smashed the phone..

Gandhi and the goat from South park in Ronald Reagan ally.. only in Sofia??

No voice, no future? Roma ignored as Europe goes to polls

Europe’s 10 million Roma badly underrepresented at a time when populist forces are trying to villify communities


Booky heads in s birthday party?

Buybook.ba party

Emotext testing 1 2 🚾 

used to have packs of wild dogs roaming the streets.
Nowadays there are less if them and their visibility much reduced.

A dog looking over Sarajevo

Another case of Frida, tablet and a sticky spoon?

the name comes from saraj in persian that refers to castle-home or some such. Perhaps a safe home.

In the centre of sarajevo there's a place with fire burning constantly. It's called the Eternal fire.

31 seconds from an odron.org improv night. Hooray for prime numbers 😉

unrecognised art in sarajevo? 

1st ww1 shot.
Somehow darkly funny how they illustrated the assassin as a left handed so their right hand could be made to stretch down in an angle and stabilise the composition..

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