unrecognised art in sarajevo? Show more

1st ww1 shot.
Somehow darkly funny how they illustrated the assassin as a left handed so their right hand could be made to stretch down in an angle and stabilise the composition..

A few images fresh from Sarajevo? Show more

A few images fresh from Sarajevo? Show more

A few images fresh from Sarajevo? Show more

Got a to assist listenning to stuff differently. Beginning with stuff, eg a and listenning to itself and a bookshelf listening to a ?

Found another, error, less smokey café in with a smoke free area. is like a cheese straw, but sound system isn't as flat. Espresso lab is the name. Single origin coffee is always a better quality.

there was supposed to be a night in a reused old cinema called kino bosna.
turned out that because of the people , the event was postponed till tomorrow.
photo of a police person silhouette shown on a main shopping mall. the names of the people appears as well, but not for the lense of this phonecam..

Hooray! An utterly prohibited place in that isn't my Airbnb? bookshop's café!

here's some and - or - co 's search term time graph? (art is in )

greetings from - a city from noncompositioness of trajectories?

by the - sheep, water, grass, sky, wind, questions, bridges and all

doing some writing to do with failure of images.

testing a pic from cloud storage.. (pic from cadiz btw..)


nonspecific artist/s?
Head image?
from - alchemy islands