suppose you met an extra terrestrial who
happened to offer a conversation??

they asked -
where are You from?

I'd say: possibly the same cosmos as yourself.

ExTe - HA!! but i meant where from On the Planet we call SweetKissHole and you call Earth.

HUmmm.. from between the end of 1960's to beginning of 1970's.

ExTe - These are times.. Which Place on SweetKissHole??

Honestly, I don't know how to describe places on that planet.

ExTe - How come?

Because the names and place categories on that planet have been captured for political violent ends.
Harshness I wish attempting to take towards other possibilities.

ExTe - Are you talking about naming and categories used by powers to rule?

Hummm.. sound likes you are familiar with these practices too..

ExTe - Yes.. We, at Brown-PurpleSlowAbyss have geological features based categories.


ExTe - Some live on Rocks, othesr may come from Sand, Liquid, and so on.

Hummm.. In that case, maybe I am kinda liquid ..and You?

ExTe - Marble.

.... oh! Nice to meet!
..and what's your name?

ExTe - A name? LOL! How would you call me?

Probably ANYL?

ExTe - Never heard of that word.. Does it mean anything?

Any Name You Like ;)

OK.. But.. why did you tag me "ExTe" untill now?

So SweetKissHolers will find it clearer to read.

What about BrownPurple-SlowAbyssers?


Well.. Between you and me - what are the chances of any Brown-PurpleSlowAbyssers reading this?

That, my friend, is lazy thinking! ;)

lol.. True! ..and not asking me for a name..?

But I already know Your name!



Hummm.. lol.. there's a difference between ANYL and Any Name I Like..

Not that much - it's always oriented around what I fancy..

Yet.. Somehow we both came to name, categorise and possibly inflict preconceived meanings upon 2 whole planets

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