anyone with a clue of alternatives for stuff like

@ahanon nice ones.. maybe you'd like to add them to the #delightful open science issue where we collect candidates for this curated list?

@humanetech sure.
thanks for pointing out :)

@ahanon What function does perform for you? Networking, collaborative writing, ...

For the former we have a number of Mastodon instances, although normally not enough scientists to have someone with sufficient expertise to talk to.

If you are looking for open science tools in general: I maintain the @OpenScienceFeed

@VictorVenema @OpenScienceFeed

yes. its, not just science papers but Any - including other books and texts.
Also, there's the possibility to discuss and socialise to a lesser extent.

There's which is another for profit venture.

A more social oriented attempt, imho, is

Though that's a bit complicated to use and not at all

@ahanon Something similar in physics may be

I am building a system for the post-publication peer review of articles. @GrassrootsReview

This should ingest information from many open science systems and distribute the peer reviews again. I plan to make it compatible with ActivityPub, but most open science systems use bespoke APIs.

The reviews are done in small scientific communities. For my own community we have a distribution list, conference list & online colloquial.

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