privacy and intimacy - what's missing? What's escaping?

When people don't fancy visiting my phone and checking my data, it seems there are feelings of getting into someone else's body.
One could have taken the phone and just check what kind of apps are there, or look at the many stickers out side.

However, No One Human ever wanted to go that far.

Perhaps there will be - however, i think such humans may not simply step into my private lives -
but also engage with me intimately


it seems such intimacy is different to, for example, offering people to try my skateboard.

The board is my own, but not seen as intimately my own. The board is owned by me via social consent, a certain ideology and legalities.

However, I think the connection between humans and the medium they extend their lives with and through - is at the very least, becoming intimate?

i am reminded that marshal McLuhan talked of the senses and sensors (like hands and fingers) - as extensions. With the idea that media Extends the given human body.

However, we may also consider the very human, as a whole - a modular life.
In that sense, just like stroking the knees that are connected to the rest of what escapes as a Me - touching my mobile may feel very similar.

Perhaps i should offer people to touch other bits of me?

Perhaps a wig..?

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