notes in connections with the


That which is presumed within a culture.

Zizek calls this an Ideology.

HC Andersson may have called it the
Emperor's new clothes.


However, there are also a-discussed and
Things one Chooses not to air (a-discussed).
Stuff that is palpable yet isn't settled into some discourse. eg the term Anthropocene is a discourse from various stands that, prior to the term's conception - were non discussed together as a unit, yet were palpable.

The Un Discussed is a normality.
Like the rules and conventionsfrom current english that seem to be agreed upon.

Thy rules and our thoughts as a socio-cultural unit as individuals, as socio-geo-political units, and.

Before shooting me for the line above - please consider what it attempts to illustrate ;)

eg - thy (archaic)
Gender Units may seem odd to some, however consider meeting new people and how common it is to be asked Where from? ..and then get assumptions galore about the From..

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..also we may tend to presume an english with And
between words..
Any reason not to place at the end..? ;)

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gender seems to place a fair bit of un discussed..
if one talks of an object as a female, there are certain masculine/feminine assumptions that come silently.

However, a female may not always follow with feminine - and vice versa..

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