and ?

according to lewes gordon, power can be said to be
the ability to do things/stuff.

one may come up with an idea to do something that seems relevant to them, perhaps the people they know - and they go on exercising a power to execute that which they fancy doing.


it seems to me that taking that simple model with in mind -
provides a certain illustration re problem of ?

the question of Dynamic Range IMHO.

when began and requested people to be patient with them since database was limited
that was since the range of dynamics google searching reached was not as far as being intimidating, limiting or ubiquitous for others.

can it be that
similar to theory
when something bends to a point of no return
range that -
pending on it's ability to fold -
becomes instantaneously abusive?

just like as a parent i know kids have a tendency to look up to me -
hence i should not abuse that by for example fibs or bigging myself.

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