anyone does oriented ?

knows of..?

limits of certain is that art, , and such, together with diplomacy
gives The art of diplomacy - how "best" to do that which we currently concider to be -
rather than, for example,
consider how to imagine diplomatically.

imagine diplomatically?

how to imagine through, critically and with the frictions various pressures, gaps and rhythms made via wonderment -
in a way that comes smooth rather than violent/brutal means?

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there's a bit of a naive impetus here:

from the definition of wart as a failure of diplomacy.

however, there are some definitions that include violent means with diplomacy - i suspect with some sarcasm -
eg gunboat diplomacy..

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mind.. according to the

how mistaken one might be to think that being diplomatic is to be fab in love-making?
"...skilled in negotiation or intercourse of any kind..."


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