a public note for self?

sometimes i chat with people about being embedded in the way we think, imagine, do culture and consider connections between us humans to whatever we encounter.

an example from this morning?
a review of a film -

the film review is using terms like:
"powerful", "captivating", ‘unquestionable" and "strong"/"bold" -
while considering such sensations as positives.

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barthes mentioned that does'nt tell you what to do - it compels.

let's ask -
by the description of impressions from the film, does the seem like a compelling watch?

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also, how stuff like being captured, unquestionable, strong and powerful sound?

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perhaps i am mistaken, however, in my mind, authoritarian oriented cultures, societies, as well as individual humans - would kind of like to be thought of as unquestionable, powerful and so on.

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indeed, perhaps i am mistaken further by confessing that in my mind, i attempt to do stuff in culture that will carry on and interest without compelling to do so.

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