seems to be full of elegance adorned people.

Its kind of a dark joy to watch that flowing elegance while a sense of sublime, like a swell, fails to stop -
being and feeling good about your looks has no visual formula.

One might dress up like i despise - yet look fab
since they feel relaxed with themselves.

One might look clean and elegant yet tensed up since something feels - for them - uncomfortable.

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nonspecific artist/s?
Head image?
from - alchemy islands

Fancy joining?
Lets'run this instance democratically?
for example:
Have an idea that might affect us all?
Lets' talk about it on a matrix channel and then, if needed, put it for a vote on something like

How many have joined?
There are a fair few people and much more seemingly bots on this instance.
(*117 users at the time of writing)
Only one person, a human presumably, is active - however, since the instance is open, the idea of doing it democratically and linked with FeDI seems appropriate.

Indeed, perhaps when considering democracy with bots on instances -
should they not get to be part of the process?