barthes, sometime in 1977, remarked that is since it you to do things, think stuff in particular manners.

(e.g. time in )

i wonder whether, apart from the obvious, it can be claimed that fascism is in fact an institutionalised compulsion.

eg when one is Obliged consider the Other as a threat - even if they aren't - being acted on a mass scale.

just a passing thought..


- or !LeePoo - or - or heck, u get it.
perhaps can be said to take 's to task by attempting to be the rules setters for language - hence outside language's compulsive affect receiving end.

eg the prisoner becomes the prison itself, or the jail-head-honcho.

Malabou, in a lecture about and at mentioned and came out with, in a sense, critique by saying that - in 's interpretation - some people are so much in prison, they are so much excluded that even if they attempted to claim the meta role of evolving the law - since the law is so alien, it can not be done.

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