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Since, imho, meanings themselves are noisy. They rely on power to keep going. Hence when one might point at the insincerity from a politician urging Love of country while pillaging it's resources (aka bojo)
One could do well recalling that the very way by which such thoughts may make things clear, relies on violent training of people to use that very language

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one considers X to be a possibility.
might have their own ways to become wind.

is to accept the fact that X has escaped one way or another, once uttered, noticed, or was missed.
Hence we are left with questioning how X collapses
- it's rhythmicalablity of vibrations, frictions and intervals.

How an algorithm has become wind?

in other words..
and this will sound a bit counter intuitive:
In case you rather fancy
equitable networks of equals
some kind of ways to have life that are indeed
mutually codependent
on care for each others' needs
it is precisely
the dependency on systems, networks and blockchains that you have to find yourself.

a make your own that keeps making their own which they can not own?? ;)

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the may seem a of equals, however,
what kind of a and horizontal say one might have in the running -and Who is Running - what are essentially for-profit entities such as
you got the notion.. ;)

in a sense, the retort
Make Your Own
is akin to someone saying:
if you think the is too

- why wouln't you just get the freak out of here and
start your own country/community?

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the quick and short retort to these kind of concerns is:
Make Your Own.

Setting the ignorant violence embedded in that kind of a reply aside,
I think there might be somehow ironical honesty
about it?

In a sense, "make your own network" agrees that, networks are not euqual since there's always some kind of an
operations upon which nodes/entities in the networked system depend, and which they are not horizontal to..

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say you consider something to be wrong in the network itself
an algorithm
or indeed with
entities/companies that run the for their own

Suppose you, as an individual, a person, or even some kind of a community -
don't actually feel OK with the practice that dictates every transaction
there is a numerical payment attached.
That every involvement in the of
requires financial transactions?

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take for example

since the network has co-dependency
written into it, a mutual need for each part to keep the ever changing ledger,
the seeming effect is that of a
horizontal network of equals.

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systems, networks, patterns and rhythms can come based on some kind of
make any given networked operation a
feel that parts are equal.
some say that networks are
even some kind of

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