an actor, sadly, died. should headlines echo who they were - or who they were involved with?

..and in this case, ended up not particularly wanting to be linked with..

@aminb Please add me to Art, Art History, Free Culture, Politics.

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here's a new question for school:

a wallet opens on a and money flies out.

recovers nearly 900 euros. and issued a call for said motorist to prove its his by telling them how much there was in the wallet to begin with.

how will the police know the initial amount in the wallet?

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> Ian Levy, GCHQ’s Technical Director, recently posted on the Lawfare blog what GCHQ wants tech companies to do. Buried in a post full of justifications [...], Levy explained that GCHQ wants secure messaging services, like WhatsApp, Signal, Wire, and iMessage, to create deceitful user interfaces that hide who private messages are being sent to.

makes me wonder whether such ground-up movements could benefit from readymade plausible solutions which they can take and evolve?

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a self contradiction?

someone asked why am i being so honest.

I am powerless, if i have given up on truth, even my own personal one - i'd have nothing left but frustration fuelled violence.
I guess we both wouldn't want that.

Spotted the contradiction? ;)

talk of food. bumped into a supermarket sale of something called Srijemos.

they said it was dried spring onions.

Turned out to be dried Wild Garlic.

That's how heaven smells like.. (well.. with a bit of durian fruit for a good measure ;) )

spot an odd flag waving?

from the march of that claimed to support .

Many flags, seems easy to tell why they are there. All except one?

concerned a bit about . , violence, and such like?

perhaps some vids from this channel will interest? Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books

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glad to learn that .as - is built on

Which allows other, less or non commercial, people to use that lovely blog engine.

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