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Since, imho, meanings themselves are noisy. They rely on power to keep going. Hence when one might point at the insincerity from a politician urging Love of country while pillaging it's resources (aka bojo)
One could do well recalling that the very way by which such thoughts may make things clear, relies on violent training of people to use that very language

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one considers X to be a possibility.
might have their own ways to become wind.

is to accept the fact that X has escaped one way or another, once uttered, noticed, or was missed.
Hence we are left with questioning how X collapses
- it's rhythmicalablity of vibrations, frictions and intervals.

How an algorithm has become wind?

how to exit a pushing escape?
each term here escapes a friction
(ie written language fails to reflect or represent thoughts as much as words operate as reminders of stuff that can never come shared but offer a certain range made of approximations and sensations?)

each grammar lives as a push from a language
(ie the sequence in english may translate in other languages as english in sequence - and indeed may Mean, allude to a common

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Please join us reading the names of the 400+ enslaved people of the Weeping Time slave auction event March 2-3, 1859


how nothing change?

nothing change
amend nothing
nothing reform
frame nothing
nothing via
leave nothing
nothing by
breath nothing
nothing cure
subtitle nada
nada nono dada
alter -nothing
nothing- alt
alt-alt noTing
not-a-thing an
other- 何もない
nothing -inter
nothing -enter
exTer- nothing
dis-ferry null

how nothing change?
nothing as a No Thing?
A n0 th1ng change thing5?
How to no but not null 7hings?
How null hasn'7 a no & has th1ng5?
When things and objects m337 4n 4nd?

How no0bject change?
n00bject as a nO Objec7?
While how to Object a not-0bjec7?
How a null like - hasn'7 4 no as an anti but an omission?
When a not - (no-object can't object to no0bject) has a thing?

How darling doesn't have a thing nor a null or an object but a di

migrants inner planetary?
Its hard to let go of a sensation that humans - the animals that think they are the only ones to mourn and grieve -
are in fact migrants in their own old host planet.
have in a way found a way to do an inner planetary migration, a removal from a planet that could host, to another that can not - all without even having to travel in between 2 well spaced planets.
humans have a chance, imho. A migrant,

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