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Since, imho, meanings themselves are noisy. They rely on power to keep going. Hence when one might point at the insincerity from a politician urging Love of country while pillaging it's resources (aka bojo)
One could do well recalling that the very way by which such thoughts may make things clear, relies on violent training of people to use that very language

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one considers X to be a possibility.
might have their own ways to become wind.

is to accept the fact that X has escaped one way or another, once uttered, noticed, or was missed.
Hence we are left with questioning how X collapses
- it's rhythmicalablity of vibrations, frictions and intervals.

How an algorithm has become wind?

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How to make a mask, when you do not have a sewing machine:
Very relaxing to watch, no need to understand the language:

apparently, when it comes to homelessness,

are less likely to receive cash/food from passers by than looking humans.

with that in mind, might fancy checking the streets of arguably the city on the planet?
eeerrr.. ?

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after pimping bojo and gang for years,
telegraphing daily
(with paid walls and all)
comes up with a headline as:
"The systematic failures in the Government's pandemic strategy laid bare"

yes.. you guys, should have pimped
corbyn and the coops..

violence - is that intelligent?
consensus - is that intelligent? (check policing by consent and chomsky?)
intelligence? how to imagine and then use the way of wondering in a manner that may fit
the other,
the ignored,
the indifferent
and the resulting imaginations that
escape between?

(just a notice..)

wondering whether there's an org that
unwanted plants/trees
from human gardens..

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is there a traction for an idea that human intelligence
instead of being there to facilitate
better and more efficiently executed
some kind of a challenge?

how to operate between,
as a connecting interval
among other kinds of inteligence
so that they
will need not be violent towards each other?

e.g.between a meteorite and a life supporting planet.

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