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Since, imho, meanings themselves are noisy. They rely on power to keep going. Hence when one might point at the insincerity from a politician urging Love of country while pillaging it's resources (aka bojo)
One could do well recalling that the very way by which such thoughts may make things clear, relies on violent training of people to use that very language

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one considers X to be a possibility.
might have their own ways to become wind.

is to accept the fact that X has escaped one way or another, once uttered, noticed, or was missed.
Hence we are left with questioning how X collapses
- it's rhythmicalablity of vibrations, frictions and intervals.

How an algorithm has become wind?

the obvious ones may come as cosmetics which come to supplement logic?

we can go on here to arrangement in text as well -

however i don't know if this is a connection that may make all texts by their very nature - cosmic..

need more work here..

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so.. from a cosmetic point of view
the unity of a universe limits the possible arrangements since it calls for a unified composition.
the cosmos is the arrangement - any - itself.
all we need is to connect cosmetics with writing?


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perhaps the question can be thought of differently:
whats the difference between

cosmetics might help here since the term does something with cosmos that can not be done with universe.
cosmetics is the tekne of arrangement, composition, placing stuff in a together - a cosmos.

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not sure that connection is in nature - any writing has have that connection via its own spontaneous movements?

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seems to connect via an historical fact that some humans looked to the sky for inspiration in creating characters to write with..

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background pandemonium a ?
How, when reading this text - even these very words - can it come effortless to read these words in the background? A background that, unlike a fair few others, a bias mind reads and yet requires to remain precisely HOW it lives? A living background? A background-organism? A background that requires no foreground? How can such a life or a being an object or a process come in our universe?
that which is ne

intelligence as, in fact, a bias, offers an opening for attempts to interpret the un interpretable since each attempt creates its own,

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