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following traditions?
traditions follow you?
responding to
rather than being with xyz since is one's nature? (hence even when doing the binary, one is stating a culture of ?)

how to say
that you , longing for that owes nothing to

how to say that without being hypocritical since - as in this post - language is used and compellingly so, hence authoritarian, and

Sometimes it seems that humans waste time attempting to be right, correct and appropriate - whilst they ought to be busy attempting to be interesting.

A word for the day?

To catch and seize. We have a gripe between us, we are both seized and captured.
More over
A seizure as a flu, catches people, hence
An illness.
Catch, seize, become a disease?

what's between and ?

both seem to say:
away draw, yet one is attention -
the other into a sensation?

does one have to answer the calling?
become a nun.
that sensation - can one ignore or
said to become

such such
period of

a , such as being (or is it a performing??) a - eg -
is a , sensing a call to be such and such.
eg a monk

seems a bit (?) how the imagery doesn't seem to alter when context does.

a of ?

turns out that flu, short for
come from
as in some un known effects from
the .

Something to consider next time feeling a bit feverish?

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nonspecific artist/s?
Head image?
from - alchemy islands