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Since, imho, meanings themselves are noisy. They rely on power to keep going. Hence when one might point at the insincerity from a politician urging Love of country while pillaging it's resources (aka bojo)
One could do well recalling that the very way by which such thoughts may make things clear, relies on violent training of people to use that very language

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one considers X to be a possibility.
might have their own ways to become wind.

is to accept the fact that X has escaped one way or another, once uttered, noticed, or was missed.
Hence we are left with questioning how X collapses
- it's rhythmicalablity of vibrations, frictions and intervals.

How an algorithm has become wind?

might seem dandy and fine - however why

How narratives operate here?

A shoe, a cloud, a wall, a rock, you and me - we have stories.
Some telling that evolves between and among us. A language that may connect directly to each of us, and
an identity
an object
or a character
keeps evolving.
(else, it's neither a language, nor a story or
a narrative?)

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perhaps my own mis readings complicate stuff.

However, it seems, that in case the object orientation does contain some complications
it might actually
be simpler to consider

Me, them, they, the cloud, the word, the pen, the shoe, you and the We -
are narratives to ourselves
when attended -
for eachother as well?

Notice -
Narratives continue past "death". Hence we may also rid the binary of life/death..?

just a thought.

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are you an ?

apologies for the direct manner - however, would a shoe, or a cloud, a word, or any other "object" would have liked to be called a thing?

while one of the points with ooo - object oriented ontology - and it's descendants is precisely the provocation - objects are Not merely things,
it begins to feel tame and un-required.
since the objects are evidently Not-Objects and the living are still not objects too.

Seems over complicated?

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Vrije Bond: **Rojava Everywhere**

"On February 23rd the comrades from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again campaign will come to The Barricade to talk about the current situation in Rojava, the role of internationalists in this revolution and the campaigns they’ve launched in the past years (Make Rojava Green Again, Women Defend Rojava and Riseup4Roj…"

#anarchisme #bot

this celebration drive seems
to my and
me mind
if i had such a warm hearted feeling
specially in connection to a land
i'd want to doubt and question it.
will be very happy to do so too!

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a person next to me talks of feeling warm and smooshy at
when being reminded of via a clip that showed rolling green hills with they consider

they went on to say that - they
wanted to that special

what seems to be
in current economic exchange imaginations
that which ever they may be -
capture seems to
a spinal motive?

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is it impossible to exchange without
abstracting to a value?

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a cafe.
a person just walked in.
they are wearing 3 shades of brown and 2 shades of green.
they have a dark black hair.
i look.
it feels like a surprising colour combo somehow - since there's some kind of a minimalistic feel about it that is from the gut rather than heart or brain.

should i offer them money as a thanks?
thank them verbally for the experience?

in terms of speed and velocity - this friction was quicker than money and utterly

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here's a question for a day?

exchange made via
rather than values
already happening?
wrong questions?
a mistaken interest?

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